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Investor Billboard

Founders use the Investor Billboard to share their story, their way – showcasing product, team, and traction to the world.

Community of your peers, powered by Loom

In Community, founders, operators, and investors use video messages (powered by Loom) to make connections and work through real-time challenges.

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Tools to streamline trust and accelerate fundraising

Founders get more venture-ready using Knightley’s dynamic data rooms. Solo investors and angel groups leverage our investor toolkit to set up shop, connect, learn, and invest!

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Knightley is on a mission to make ‘deal flow’ and ‘warm intros’ problems of the past.

Community is where investors and founders intersect to solve problems and create new opportunities for investment.



Peer Review and Workshops, sections inside of Community, are great places to learn from, and connect with, startup peers and industry changemakers.



Founders garner interest using their Investor Billboard, and keep everyone up-to-date with Knightley’s Investor Update Builder.

Investors can request access to a Founder’s data room or set up a simple online application.

Join the thousands of members of the Knightley Startup Ecosystem.

Tools for Investors starting at $20/month. Founders start for FREE

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