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Atlantans uniting as a Community Owners to fund 150+ businesses and 300+ internships increasing opportunity in Atlanta.

A Digital Community with founder tools, member perks, networking events, startup jobs, and business opportunities exclusive to Members.

10,000 Members = $10,000,000 Capital Pool with Member Carry.


Target Members


Capital Pool for Atlanta Investments and Job Grants


Carry to Deal Leads


Carry to Active Members


Carry to Deal Analysts

A community building alongside our local partners

and includes these wonderful Atlantans and many more!

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Kathryn Petralia
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Chris Klaus
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Justin Dawkins
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Robin Bienfait
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Lavonya Jones
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Daley Ervin
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Ryan Wilson
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Sig Mosley
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Brian Zwerner
Atlanta Venture Club will be powered by the Knightley Web3 Platform providing 10,000 resalable memberships with the following benefits to every member.
Member Spotlight

Lavonya Jones

Director, GA Social Impact Collaborative

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"Funding to entrepreneurs needs to be diversified and the barriers to entry need to be less complex.

Having worked closely with Graham at Morehouse, I've seen his passion with students and am excited by the possibilities for Atlanta Venture Club to drive a positive impact making this city an even stronger Mecca for our entrepreneurs!
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Atlanta Venture Club is designed to change this recycling one-time dues to fund
‚Äć120 Atlanta Startups, create 1000 new jobs, and empower a $60M local economic impact this decade.

Private Community for Atlanta

Streamline connections and connect online instantly with anyone in the Atlanta ecosystem

  • Get and provide feedback on new businesses
  • Access to exclusive perks with community partners
  • Job board just for Atlanta startups
  • Earn utility tokens for mentoring and helpfulness
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Member Only Programming

Whatever your role in the startup ecosystem, Atlanta Venture Club will have opportunities for you

  • Demo Days
  • Hackathons
  • Fireside Chats
  • Mixers with Corporate Partners
  • Conferences
In-person event

Lifetime Access to Knightley

Every Atlanta Venture Club membership includes lifetime access to Knightley's community-driven platform of founder and investor tools

  • Tools for founders to help manage their fundraise
  • Tools for investors to discover the best Atlanta startups
  • A library full of education resources about startups
  • Discover other communities that fit your interests
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Our Timeline & Roadmap

On the path to 10,000 members, each membership milestone hit means more impact to the community
Diagram showing the timeline and roadmap for Atlanta Venture Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Knightley?

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Knightley is a community-driven startup platform helping to connect founders, investors and others in the startup space.

What is Knightley Coin?

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Knightley Coin is a utility token that you can earn just by helping others in the community. Currently, you can utilize your Knightley Coin to join private clubs on Knightley as well as for perks from our community partners.

Is there a student discount?

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Students are a pillar of the AVC Ecosystem. We're looking to partner with 50+ student orgs to provide students free access each school year. Contact the community manager, Graham Gintz, at to learn more

Can I get funding for my startup from Atlanta Venture Club?

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Yes, but with time. Once we reach 500 Members, we plan to start making investments from the Atlanta Capital Pool raised from memberships. To be eligible for funding, you must be an active member of Atlanta Venture Club and have a business with direct ties to the city of Atlanta.

Am I allowed to join if I'm not an Accredited investor?

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Yes! Anyone regardless of experience or expertise is invited to join the club. If you haven't angel invested before, we can help you get started. Georgia has that ANYONE can invest up to $10,000 a year into Georgia Businesses. Anyone can also serve on the deal team as a way to earn carry without putting in capital.
Invest Georgia Exemption

How do I buy memberships for my organization?

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Any organization is eligible to partner with Atlanta Venture Club to get access to special partner perks and transferrable memberships for anyone in their organization. Contact the community manager, Graham Gintz, at to learn more

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